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MUKi Trek Pouch - Flame Orange

MUKi Trek Pouch - Flame Orange

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With the MUKi Trek Pouch, never again will you be caught out when your pup needs to do their business! Armed with an easy-to-clean liner, quick-draw waste bag dispenser, and smell defying compartment, you can store dirty dog bags with ease and keep on trekking happily until you reach a bin.



  • Easy Clean, Removable Liner Bag: No more "uh-oh" moments! The removable liner bag will keep your MUKi Trek Pouch squeaky clean and ready for any mess your pup might dish out.
  • Sealed Main Zip: Holds back bad smells! It's like a fortress that holds in all those stinky surprises, leaving the air fresh and ready for more tail-wagging fun.
  • Front Pouch with Dog Bag Dispenser: Tackle those doggy landmines with ease. The front pouch dispenser makes "clean-up duty" a breeze – no more fumbling around when duty calls!
  • Side Zip Pocket: Treats, keys, toys! The side zip pocket is your go-to treasure trove for stashing all those little essentials that keep the adventure rolling.
  • Removable Waist Belt: Hands-free happiness awaits! With the removable waist belt, you'll be enjoying every leap, bound, and frolic with your furball without missing a beat.
  • Side Quick Access Pocket for Sanitiser: High-fives to hygiene! The side quick access pocket is the perfect spot for your mini hand sanitiser.
  • Reflective Strip: Shine bright, day or night! Featuring a reflective strip on the front, enhancing visibility during low-light conditions and ensuring you and your pet are seen by others.
  • Perfect for Grubby Tennis Balls: Ideal for those slobbery, grubby tennis balls that your pup just can't live without.

W 12cm x L 12cm x H 19cm


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